How to Choose a Commercial Roofing Contractor

A commercial roofing project is a big investment and commitment. When you’re investing in your commercial building by installing a new roof, it’s nice to know exactly what to expect. A project of this size requires communication, experience, and precise execution. When interviewing commercial roofing contractors in the Chicagoland area, here are some process considerations to keep in mind:


During the process of your project, you’re going to want to be in the know. Communication is what’s going to make any roofing project run smooth. Interview commercial roofers about:

  • Materials – Matching material and application to your building and your needs.
  • Project Management – You’ll want to make sure you have a single point of contact assigned to you. It’s important your project manager is skilled in the field of commercial roofing. This will ensure your roofing project elements are all coordinated and scheduled on a realistic timeline.
  • Communication – To ensure as little disruption to your tenants as possible, your contractor and tenants need to be on the same page about parking and building access. Your contractor should communicate this to your tenants to remove any confusion.


When communication and project execution work together, you will have ultimate project success. Here are some questions to ask to determine how the commercial roofing contractor you’re interviewing will meet and exceed your expectations:

  • Inquire about warranties. What are the limits and restrictions? Do they warranty their workmanship, or just products?
  • Ask for examples of their past work. Do their projects consistently meet and exceed industry standards and practices?
  • Safety. Ask about the contractor’s safety standards and procedures.
  • Damage prevention. Ask questions to determine how cautious the crew is with equipment and dumpsters, so as to prevent damage.
  • Cleanup. Will the contractor leave when your building is put back together? Or is cleanup factored into the project? Ask about cleanup methods, such as magnetic rollers.
  • Materials and methods. With the abundance of materials and methods out there, ensure the process and materials your contractor uses matches your needs and building, as well as local codes.
Now that you know some important elements to look for, hopefully you feel confident in choosing the right contractor. Croixco is a licensed, certified commercial roofing contractor serving the Chicagoland, Minnesota, and Wisconsin areas. We handle every project from preparation to cleanup with as minimal disruption to your business as possible. Call us today to see what sets us apart from other contractors!