Storm Damage Restoration in Schaumburg, IL

Storm Damage Restoration

No matter the season, severe storms hit Chicagoland with a fury, and while we all hope for no damage, it does happen from time to time.  When a strong storm hits, it’s helpful to have a knowledgable, skilled storm damage restoration company in the area, ready to jump in to assess, mitigate further damage, and work with your insurance company toward a full property restoration—commercial or residential—in a timely manner.

Our Storm Damage Estimating Process

When your property sustains damage from a storm, first call your insurance company to open a claim, then call Croixco to schedule an inspection as quickly as possible.  Your trained Croixco representative will meet with you and your insurance adjuster to identify and document all property damage, and deliver a thorough estimate, using similar estimating software used by insurance adjusters.  That “same language” approach helps clarify the scope of storm damage and cost breakdown in a fashion your insurance company can more quickly process and fund your property restoration.