Flood Damage Restoration Des Plaines, IL

Flood Damage Restoration Des Plaines, IL

Basement Flood Clean Up Des Plaines IL

Basement Flooding Clean Up Des Plaines, ILWith much of the Chicagoland area being a giant basin for flood waters, many communities have installed viaducts over low-lying areas to provide access by road and rail. Unfortunately, the low-lying areas may be near your home or business, and now the water that collects underneath threatens your home or commercial property. As a leading water damage restoration company in Des Plaines, IL, Croixco Construction’s flood damage experts are trained to identify the source of the seepage, remove the water and damaged flooring and material and perform a thorough inspection to ensure when an insurance claim is filed, the full basement flood is accounted for.



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When Your Basement Floods

Des Plaines, IL residents know to call Croixco Construction to quickly react to basement flooding and resulting water damage. Unlike most water remediation companies who focus simply on removing flood water and immediate damage, Croixco Construction, Inc. removes the water, damaged surfaces such as flooring, drywall and paneling, and conducts a thorough inspection of the damaged space as well as adjoining spaces.

Des Plaines Water Damage Restoration

What sets Croixco apart from the competition is customer service and how thorough they inspect your property. Croixco water damage experts use the same estimating software as most property insurance adjusters, which helps accelerate your insurance claim and maximize your claim benefit. Our water damage restoration is not skin-deep. We inspect the foundation, structure, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems so you know when you hire Croixco for your flood restoration, you’re choosing the best in the business. We restore your home or business right the first time.

How To Keep Your Home From Flooding

Many flood repair companies are all-too-happy to have a past customer call with another basement flood. When we perform a basement flood restoration, we don’t want to do the same job twice. Therefore, one of our project goals is to prevent future damage through reducing the likelihood of a flood recurrence by installing quality sump systems and ensuring proper drainage away from the main building structure.

Simple Steps to Prevent Basement Flooding in Des Plaines IL

As a Des Plaines, IL property owner, there are some simple steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of a flood:

  • Ensure all drains (inside and out) are clear of debris
  • Regularly test your sump pump
  • Install a battery backup system for your sump pump in case of power outage
  • When it rains, inspect the exterior of your property to see if the rainwater pools next to any structures, or if it drains away

Basement Flooding Experts in Des Plaines, IL

If your Des Plaines, IL home or business experienced flooding by a recent storm or poor drainage, call the basement flood professionals at Croixco for a quick damage inspection and begin the process of restoring your property. We take pride in the quality of our work and level of professionalism and customer service our experts provide.

Des Plaines Flood Insurance Recovery

As a courtesy to our customers, Croixco is able to provide direct assistance with insurance recovery, giving you peace of mind that your contractor and insurance company are communicating clearly. You can focus on keeping your focus on your family or business, and we’ll keep you up to speed on your project and any insurance questions that arise.

Other Des Plaines Contractor Services

As a full-service contractor, we also provide replacement windows, interior remodeling, and vinyl siding installation.

Des Plaines residents can count on Croixco Construction to deliver premium quality service and exceptional customer service all at an incredible value. Call today for your free in-home inspection and estimate. 847-895-8125.