How a Contractor Can Help You Choose the Right Window for Your Home

Replacing your windows isn’t just another construction project. It’s an investment in your home. Choosing vinyl replacement windows will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Save money on energy bills
  • Improve your indoor air comfort
  • Save time on maintenance

So, it’s obvious that vinyl replacement windows are the right choice for your home. But what you really need is a contractor to help you along the way with your project.

You want a contractor that will care as much about your window replacement project as you. Your contractor should help you:

  • Choose a window that fits your style and budget
  • Determine which vinyl replacement windows will give you long-lasting durability
  • Find a window that fits your desired style, application, performance, and budget

When installing the windows, your contractor can make quick work of it. After your windows are in, you can start enjoying their benefits immediately! However, window installation must follow several steps to ensure a successful project:

  • Safety – In certain areas of the home, safety codes need to be followed. For instance, is your contractor ensuring you have tempered glass in your bathroom? Is your contractor lead safe certified by the EPA?
  • Perfect fit – Windows will only save you money on energy costs if they are properly insulated. Replacement windows should have a little extra room for shimming, insulating, and sealing.
  • Flashing – A common mistake in installing windows is using incorrect flashing. If this happens, your windows could be ruined. By installing a drip cap, your windows won’t leak and they’ll stand the test of time.
  • Cleanup – Believe it or not, replacing windows is a dirty job. Proper cleanup procedures should be followed throughout the project life to prevent damage to the inside and outside of the home.

There is a lot that goes into the process of installing vinyl replacement windows. By having a contractor that listens to you and respects your concerns and desires for your home, you’ll have a completed project you’ll be happy with for years to come.  Through Croixco Construction you’ll get:

  • The highest value by matching price and quality through many years of development
  • Windows that are custom to fit nearly every size opening
  • Windows backed by a lifetime warranty, which is kept on record at the plant
  • Locally made windows, which creates and supports local jobs

If you have distinctive taste and want to ensure your home is unique to you, contact Croixco Construction. We’re known for our customer service and understand that every project is as unique as every client. With our expertise and your taste, your home will be distinctly you! Call us today!