Roofing Contractors Available for Naperville & Wheaton, IL Residents & Business Owners

Roofing Contractors Naperville ILWhen selecting roofing contractors, homeowners and business owners should be sure that they do their research. With so many roofers available for hire in Naperville and Wheaton, Illinois, how can someone ever be sure that the roofer he or she chooses will be able to complete the repair or replace a roof effectively, and in a timely manner? Often, the best place to start is examining the history of a particular company. At Croixco Construction, the area’s premier roofing firm, we opened for business in 2000, meaning that we have served local residents and property owners for years, honing our skills. This extensive experience isn’t the only reason why residents can trust us over local roofing contractors, nor should it be the sole deciding factor for home and business owners.

Other considerations that people may wish to keep in mind when seeking out roofing contractors include:

  • Customer satisfaction – A company’s standing with the Better Business Bureau can reflect how happy past customers were with the service they received. At Croixco Construction, we have earned an A+ rating, thanks to our ability to communicate well with our clients.
  • Products used – It’s important to check if roofing contractors offer suitable options for a particular roof. Croixco Construction installs beautiful Owens Corning shingles on homes, and offers high-quality shingles for commercial buildings with pitched roofs as well as different kinds of durable membranes for flat-roofed commercial buildings.
  • Attention to detail – It’s easy to think that finding roofing contractors is all about locating people who can install shingles, but it’s more than that. At Croixco Construction, we go the extra mile to ensure that every roof we install is the best it can be by ensuring that they are watertight and that all the associated systems (ventilation, etc.) are still functioning properly.

If you’re researching roofing contractors in Naperville or Wheaton, IL, contact Croixco Construction today. We’ll be happy to show you why we’re the best in the area.