Fire and Water Damage Restoration

The Benefits of Working With an Experienced Insurance Restoration Contractor

Damage to your home, valuables, and memories from a flood, fire, or storm can be one of the worse things a homeowner has to deal with. When it’s not something you handle every day, it can be very difficult to understand what to do first, and how best to handle the insurance claim process. In this case, you need an experienced company to help guide you through the process. You want a company with many resources, experience, and a personal touch.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of homeowners not getting enough money to repair their damaged home. A lump sum check may be tempting to take at first, but this hasty decision could mean an unfinished project.

When you only work with your adjuster, they’re representing the insurance company, not you. However, when you work with an organization experienced in insurance restoration and helping homeowners through the claim process, you get:

  • A definitive approach to dealing with your insurance claim
  • Coordination of scheduling your repairs
  • Peace of mind in getting your maximum insurance coverage and quality restoration
  • A point of contact to walk you through the process and someone to deal with many trades

When you work with a company that has many years of experience dealing with the insurance restoration process, you can focus your energy on getting your life back to normal.

Disaster can strike at any time. That’s why you need a trusted company in your back pocket. You need a company you can reach out to in the event of damage from a storm, fire, or flood.

When you work with Croixco Construction, you can call us anytime. Whether the damage to your home happens day or night, your first call should be Croixco. You’ll be assigned a Croixco representative who will become the point of contact between you, your insurance adjuster, and the many resources required to restore your property.

If you live in Illinois, Minnesota, or Wisconsin, be sure to keep our information on hand and share us with your friends and family. Your preparation will ensure you know exactly what to do when damage to your home puts your life on hold.<M/p>