Commercial Roofing – Elk Grove

Commercial Roofing – Elk Grove

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Commercial RoofingLocated just 35 minutes West of Chicago, Elk Grove Village is home to a variety of businesses and commercial warehousing operations. And, like their Chicago counterparts, Elk Grove Village business owners are willing and able to tackle many restorative and repair projects to help manage costs and keep their bottom line. When commercial roofing is concerned, you should always turn to an expert.

Elk Grove Commercial Roofing Benefits

In addition to the obvious benefits of blocking out precipitation and drafts, a properly installed roof can also make a tremendous impact on the energy efficiency of a building. To reap all of the benefits of an outstanding roof, business and property owners in Elk Grove Village, Rosemont, and surrounding areas of Illinois can turn to Croixco Construction. We have been one of the area’s leading roofing installers since 2000 for good reason – not only do we offer some of the most advantageous commercial roofing materials on the market, but we also install them with the skill you expect from our highly trained installers.

We offer a number of commercial roofing options, including the expert installation of new flat roof products, including EPDM, TPO, and PVC. We can also improve roofs through the application of ER Systems OneStep coating, which is designed to breathe new life into roofs that have seen better days. This coating provides:

  • Flexibility – Our coating can be applied with outstanding results to a variety of substrates, from metal to asphalt.
  • Energy efficiency – Typical dark commercial roofing can be nearly twice the temperature of the surrounding air on hot days, but a roof coated with OneStep products is significantly lighter, keeping it only 10-15 degrees warmer than ambient temperatures. Such a reduction translates to more efficient air conditioner usage and cost savings.
  • Environmentally friendly approach – Compared to completely replacing a roof, applying a OneStep coating isn’t only a less expensive alternative, but it also keeps materials out of landfills.

If you’d like to learn more about the commercial roofing services that we offer in Elk Grove Village, Rosemont, and other IL communities, contact Croixco Construction today. Also be sure to ask about all of our related services, such as chimney repair and masonry work.