Using Edge Vent for Proper Attic Ventilation

Edge Vent by Air Vent, Inc.Depending upon a home’s age or builder, the design of the rafters and overhang may have more to do with the lifespan of a roof and home comfort than you might assume.  Is your air conditioner running overtime in the summer yet your home is never quite as comfortable as you like?  Maybe the 20 year roof begins curling and buckling at 1o years, leaving you scratching your head?

Poor attic ventilation might be a contributor or the main problem with your home.

Getting back to roof design, the ideal ventilation will have vents under the eaves to draw fresh air, circulate, and exit through a ridge vent, helping reduce both excessive heat in the summer and moisture condensation.  Unfortunately, some roof designs do not have adequate overhang or sit low across the top plate of the wall, eliminating any chance for air passage between roof sheeting and plate.

Better Attic Ventilation With Edge Vent

While traditional ventilation may not be possible, Air Vent, Inc. has designed a highly-effective solution to ensure proper circulation for these cramped eave situations.  Their installation video does a great job of explaining the “what” and “how” of edge vent installation.