Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation Services

Basement Renovation ElburnDoes your home have a basement that is either unfinished, damaged from a recent basement flood, or simply need an update to your underground living space? The craftsmen at Croixco Construction can turn your damp, dark, or dated basement into the featured living space in your home!



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Water Damage Restoration

We have provided numerous homeowners with complete water damage restoration services for basement and lower level spaces affected by storm damage, burst pipe or appliance, and sump equipment failure. Our emergency remediation crews come in quickly to remove any standing water, damaged flooring, drywall and any other damaged finished surfaces to reduce long-term damage. Once the damaged material is removed, a full inspection is conducted so that our professional builders and carpenters can restore your home to a beautiful space.

Insurance Recovery

Our job estimators provide a thorough inspection of the basement renovation area and all adjoining spaces, and use similar estimation software as most insurance adjusters, providing homeowners with a more accurate quote and accelerating the insurance funding for your project.